Educating Our Team and Local Community

As we continue to adjust to the COVID19 pandemic we have found ways to do our public health work, while helping to educate the Katamanso  community. From creating IDs to easy transition through checkpoint for our team, to creating fliers to help spread safety information. 

One of the many hurdles we had to overcome was finding a way to get our waste collectors and our CASH IT! team feeling safe and confident in continuing to collect plastic waste. One thing we knew we wanted to do was to  share the information and educational materials with our community. The first thing we did was create a flier with key information about safety and procedure to help stop the spread of COVID19 while protecting themselves.

Then with the help of our CASH IT! team and our middle women we distributed the fliers across Katamanso. To keep everyone who helped us distribute the fliers safe, we provided masks that were donated to us by Vlad Alexandrescu, our cofounder’s (Dana Mosora) son and owner of AEOLIAN, a kitesurfing company that has refocused their efforts in the wake of the pandemic.

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