An Update From ASASE and The CASH IT! recycling plant

As we embark on the fight of our lives we find ourselves unable to process what is going on around us. As COVID-19 makes its way around the globe we are struggling to prepare for what will likely be a debilitating event. We know we can fight this but, as the rest of the global community has experienced it, time is not on our side. 

Here at ASASE we have completely changed the way we operate in an effort to help protect our CASH IT! family and the broad Katamanso community. While plastic waste management has always been our focus now we have integrated public health into our DNA in hopes of being able to manage this outbreak. 

As this global health crisis makes its way around the globe we know we have to work fast to provide both the knowledge and the logistics to help protect Katamanso and our team. Within our own factory we have reinforced the importance of educating our operators about the virus and provided valuable knowledge to our CASH IT! team to help prepare them. We have also had to focus on eliminating the myths about the virus from our community to ensure we are all fighting the same fight. Many leaders have referred to this pandemic as war and, as we prepare we have to agree it does have that atmosphere to it. 

As we prepare to fight this virus as a community ASASE has changed the way we run our factory in hopes of aiding in this fight and curving the impact this will have on us. Logistically we have assigned specific jobs to different members on the team to hep eliminate the cross spread. For example one person unlocks and locks the front gate everyday letting the team in and out. We have also emulated all joint tasks and now have two bagging stations, each operated by one person. Other examples of changes we have made are workers do not sit in clusters anymore to eat or during break and all tasks are no longer done in groups. We have also setup a hand washing station for our team to use upon entry and exit of facility and we encourage hand washing throughout the day. 

Only time will tell how this crisis will hit our community and we hope that what we are doing today will make a difference tomorrow because our focus first and foremost will always be our local Katamaso community. 

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay home and as long as you can and it is needed!

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