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Waste management is leading to be one of the biggest problems of our generation. With an increase in consumerism and an ignorance to the reality of the infrastructure or lack thereof, we are literally baring our communities in trash. 

In our many communities of Accra, Ghana we have seen a beautiful awakening with global interest from front-runners within the circular economy sector doing what they can to help set up a waste management system that will aid in cleaning the streets and setting the community up for the future with new enterprises and knowledge. We have spoken about our partnerships in the past and how important their success is to our ability to continue to do what we do. But we wanted to take the time to highlight some amazing achievements coming from our partnership with SESA Recycling. 

          After their launch on July 11th 2018 in Ashaiman we’ve had the honor to watch the program take hold in the community. Watch this fantastic news coverage to see SESA in action today:

          To celebrate this wonderful partnership we want to introduce you to some of the key players involved in bring this project life. Follow along all month as we launch our CASH IN TRASH series. This 4 part blog series will introduce you to the French start up C-Propre and their fantastic team who launched SESA Recycling, as well as our own Co-Founder Hilda who has spearheaded this initiative. We will share our journey in hopes of inspiring others to go out and do the same.

Join us in the ambitious goal to divert all plastic waste from litter and into valuable products for Ghana.

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