Our Recycling Flow / From Trash To Cash

Plastic recycling is the process of recovering scrap or waste plastic and re-processing the material into useful products. Typically people tend to focus on the collection of plastic or even the elimination of plastics from our everyday life but we, at The ASASE Foundation, have a different point of view. 

Plastic is a resource that has significant worth and can be reused or repurposed. Additionally, plastic brings further value to our lives whether that value be better storage possibilities or simply a convenience that we have grown to rely on and enjoy. Given plastic’s extraordinary value and it’s multitude of different uses.

Here is a look at part of the recycling flow that we focus on at our Project CASH IT! Plant:

The CASH IT! Recycling Flow


The waster plastic bought by Patricia at the Kpone Dumpsite is loaded onto trucks by workers and then brought to the ASASE CASH IT! Plant in Katamanso. 

Step 2

The Tech is weighing the plastic waste as it arrives to CASH IT! Plant.

Step 3

Here is the plastic waste after it arrives at ASASE the CASH IT! Plant waiting to be cut. 

Step 4

Here is Grace in action. She is one of the three ASASE workers. Since joining the ASASE team, Grace has been trained to work in safe conditions wearing safety equipment otherwise not available to her. 

Step 5

After the grinder, the waste plastic regrinds are bagged again and ready to be shipped to the recycler who will use them for making new products.

Stay tuned to see more from the recycling process soon…

Seeing the power of plastic and circular economy in full action at the CASH IT! Plant, it inspires us to continue our work and passion. Are you part of a community or do you know of one that might benefit from a program like the Project CASH IT!?

Let us know in the comments below!

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