CASH IT! has launched in Katamanso, Accra.

The CASH IT! project, our first initiative that aims to help local women entrepreneurs start and operate recycling plants, has officially launched in Katamanso, Accra. CASH IT! aims to keep plastic waste off the streets while empowering the local community. After more than a year of hard work, we are very proud to have built the first CASH IT! recycling plant in Katamanso with a plastic grinder and a plastic washer.

On November 21, our entire team welcomed the local community of Accra, including community leaders, to join us in celebrating the launch of ASASE’s first project in Ghana. The rainy season caused transportation and accessibility issues but we nevertheless had an amazing turnout. It was inspiring to witness the interest of local waste pickers and other individuals in learning more about ASASE and Project CASH IT!. 

Due to this turnout, our team felt incredibly welcomed and supported. Our commitment to the community has been strengthened by the support we were given from attendees at our launch.

Now that we have officially opened the plant we have started the CAPACITY BUILDING phase of the project. This means we are now focusing on employment and training of operators for the plant. We have employed 3 women waste pickers and 1 male technician who have begun training to run the equipment and will sell the plastic regrinds to Nelplast, a producer of pavement blocks in the community.

The joy of this day will live in our hearts forever and has truly energized us for the future. We are honored to be working with part of the Katamanso community and are dedicated to the mission to clean the streets while empowering local women. A resounding “Thank You” goes out to everyone who was able to attend this event.

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Learn more about CASH IT! here.

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