ASASE celebrates World Clean-Up Day

On the 18th of September 2021, World Clean Up Day was celebrated all around the world. ASASE and the Kpone Katamanso Municipality embarked on a clean-up exercise on the principal streets and commercial areas of Atadeka community in Katamanso. We cleaned the drains and the streets.

On the same day, Asase organized a community buying at Kakasunaka No.1 near Gbetsile. This was the buying outreach for the Gbetsile Collection Centre. It was really a successful day!

The buying yielded the following:

LDPE=902kg PET =. 995kg HDPE =8kg Total = 1,905kg

Later in the afternoon of the 18th, ASASE joined Nanoma community near Oyibi for Durbar. We used the occasion to create awareness on waste segregation and plastic collection. And also highlight the operations of CASHIT!

ASASE presented its agent Elizabeth to the community. Elizabeth is responsible for aggregating plastics in the Oyibi area.

Elizabeth and her sister are unemployed and have 7 children between them. Life is a daily struggle for them. As an agent of ASASE, she is employed and able to earn a sturdy income to support the family.

The occasion of World Clean Up Day was to reach out to our communities to create awareness of the need to clean, segregate waste, and how we can all contribute to impactful, sustainable, and healthy communities.

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