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MEET THE TEAM | Featuring Gabriel Addae Twum, our commercial Manager

Meet Gabriel Addae Twum, our Commercial Manager!

Gabriel is the Commercial Manager of CASH IT! Operations: he develops the relationship with our suppliers of waste plastic who are waste pickers and middle women and middlemen and buys each month in line with our operation targets. He also develops the relationship with our customers and sells our products to meet the demands of our customers and make sure that all our products end up converted into sustainable end products with value for our communities.

Why did you come to join the ASASE Team?

I read that you are trying to help women and this translates to helping children; my previous work was with an organization helping children and your announcement really clicked!

Do you have children?

I have a 7-month-old daughter; I am away with my work a lot and when she smiles at me on the phone It makes me so happy!

What do you expect from your job now?

I hope to be part of this team and take what was achieved so far and knock it out of the ballpark. This is how we will make a real impact. One day I see us having 10 CASH IT! Plants around Ghana and many, many children going to school because their parents make a better living by working with CASH IT! Operations.

We take pride in showcasing the hard work our employees have accomplished and educating the community on plastic waste. It takes a team of peoples to make a difference in the community to clean up our environment and we appreciate the team that has come together to make ASASE so successful.

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