Our Recycling Flow / Part 2

When we first introduced you to our recycling flow we spoke about the collecting and sorting of plastic. Now we want to teach you all about how we cut, grind and wash the plastic before we sell it to partners like Nelplast.

Our CASH IT! Recycling plant has the capacity to process 20 tons of plastic per month, that’s equivalent to 960,000 plastic bottles! Once waste arrives it needs to be cut by the temporary workers. This is an important step so that the grinders can break the plastic down before it is washed.

Once the plastic is cut down our technician oversees as operators feed plastic into the grinder. Grinding is an important step in our recycling flow because it pre-processes the waste plastic to the state which is necessary to further recycle processes.

After the plastic is fed through the grinder it needs to be washed and then dried in plain air.

Once the plastic is washed and dried, we sell it so it can start its second life. Whether you turn it into pavement blocks, or other durable products or packaging, plastic has been misunderstood from the beginning. We shouldn’t be looking at it as a one-time use material but a chameleon able to play many roles in its lifetime. 

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