We have a responsibility as leaders!

In this column, our co-founder and #CEFLEX consultant and circular economy advocate Dana Mosora draws on her experience in Africa urging industry leaders to play a key role in empowering local communities to recycle and create value from their own plastic waste.

The reality of plastic pouches is a lot more complicated than you might think, especially in countries like Ghana. Here is an excerpt from the article where Dana speaks about the need to single use plastic within the communities she had worked with.

When children go to school in Accra, Ghana they need daily money to buy sachets of water (0.22 US dollar cents per day). The food is cooked on school premises and is paid for by the government. So, the deal is quite good!

But this might change… because those sachets, which today make clean water accessible to all children of Ghana, might not be available if the sachets are banned by the government.

Read more about her efforts and the roll leaders should play on Packaging Europe.

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